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Weather Ramping Up to Slow, Cool Start to Spring Planting

Published Mar. 4, 2015

Keep your eye on the forecast for the middle third of this month, forecasters say. In the 11- to 15-day forecast, temperatures are expected to remain higher than normal with less-than-normal precipitation, two trends that could help the Midwestern soils wake up from winter and lay the groundwork for this spring's planting window.

Sabotage at farm leaves 320,000 chickens dead

Published Mar. 5, 2015

Late last month, someone broke in, cut off ventilators, boosted the temperature controls and wiped out all but a few hundred chickens.

Highland County farmers attend Ag Day at the Capitol

Published Mar. 5, 2015

The role of the Ohio Farm Bureau is to work together for the promotion of Ohio agriculture and act as an advocate for farmers that are working hard to produce quality products for a growing world. An event such as Ag Day at the Capitol facilitates a “meeting of the minds” so that farmers and legislators may work together and reach a common goal

Pitching farm life: Brenda Hastings takes dairy industry in an all new direction

Published Mar. 5, 2015

“We wanted to expand our reach,” Hastings said of the dairy’s May through October group, school and day camp agritourism events such as “Cow Tales Adventures” and the “Milk From Cow to Bottle Tour.” “We started the agritourism not knowing what we were doing,” Hastings admitted

PETA, ACLU file lawsuit on behalf of Ohio teacher

Published Mar. 5, 2015

School board fired teacher for Facebook comments about animals on dairy farms.