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Ohio Young Farmers Summer Tour June 28 and 29

Published May. 20, 2014 | Discuss this article on Facebook
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Jun. 28, 2014 - Jun. 29, 2014

Licking County

Please find below the stops that will be featured at the tour. This tour is sponsored by Ohio Young Farmers.

June 28, 2014

Reeves Farms: Ran and operated by Charles Reeves, Reeves Farm  includes corn and soybean production, along with a cow/calf operation.

Trillium Farms: Located near Johnstown, they are the producers of high quality eggs, produced under the highest-quality standards in the industry. The eggs are sold both as traditional white shell eggs and as liquid egg product for restaurants, institutions and bakeries. They currently employee more than 300 individuals who are involved in the company’s success.

Heimerl Farms: Jim and Kathy Heimerl's operation originated back in the 1940's in Johnstown Ohio, when Jim'sparents Don and Marjorie farmed along with having a construction trade. The family currently owns 600 acres,and additional ground is rented to total just over 2000 acres. Hogs were introduced into the operation in 1992,when Jim leased a facility in Fairfield County and began with a 225 head farrow-to-finish operation. A finishingbarn was then built on the home farm in Johnstown, which housed 1200 finishing hogs and a 1200 head nursery.In 1996, Heimerl Farms purchased their first farrowing facility in Pleasantville which housed 350 head located in FairfieldCounty. Contract finisher barns were built in the area to house the growing amount of animals produced within theirfacilities.

Velvet Ice Cream: While you will not see a guided tour, you will enjoy the opportunity to sit backand enjoy some of their great ice cream

Branstool Orchards: Branstool Orchards is set in the scenic countryside of Utica, Ohio. They are best known fortheir sweet and juicy peaches, but their crisp apples and savory pears are increasingly popular year afteryear. The picturesque orchard sprawls across 35 acres of rolling hills and is home to three varieties peartrees, 26 varieties of peaches, and 37 different apple varieties.

June 29, 2014

Tamarack Farms Dairy: Tamarack Farms Dairy, located in Newark, produces milk for the Krogerchain grocery stores. It was established in 2008 and incorporated in Ohio. Tamarack employs a staff ofapproximately 100 to 249. On this tour you will get to watch everything from the arrival of the milk to theprocessing to the bottling.

Watts Farms: This operation is located along busy Route 161 between New Albany and Granville, andis owned and operated by Phil and Barb Watts. Keeping up appearances is important to Phil and Barb becausethey want drivers along the busy road to see where their meat comes from, and the flag and sign helpdraw attention to their well-maintained operation. While the American flag obviously symbolizes their pride inbeing Americans and farmers, the sign next to it is not so obvious. It says THINK in big bold letters. Thatblack and white sign is a symbol of the two-prong approach of Watts Farms—to think and to act in the bestinterest of the Alexandria cattle operation. Working hard on the farm is something Phil has done since hegraduated high school in 1977. The family went from owning 80 acres and feeding 20 steers to crop farming 1,700 acresto feeding 2,000 Holsteins. They were also named the Commercial Cattlemen of the Year by the Ohio Cattleman's Association.

Cost: Saturday and Sunday tour: Adults: $50 (includes bus and three meals)

Kids 10 and under: $20

One Day of tours: $25

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