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You are Invested in Agriculture

Published Jun. 29, 2012 | Discuss this article on Facebook
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Ann Frederick

By Ann Frederick, Hamilton County Farm Bureau

Being a horse owner, you may not consider yourself as being directly involved in agriculture or actually being a farmer. Guess again! As a horse owner:

* You may board your horse at a stable, training facility, racetrack or keep your horse at your home.

* You are directly or indirectly buying hay, grain, bedding, fertilizer, pasture seed, tack, stable supplies, horse shoes, vaccines, medications, trucks, horse trailers, tractors, paying for the maintenance of a barn or arena and managing your horse’s manure.

* Do not forget horse shows, lessons, clinics, trainers, camping equipment, and gasoline to get you where you want to be.

* Also, think about the clothing, boots and horse decorations you may have in your home, barn and place of work.

As a horse owner you absolutely invested in agriculture, specifically the equine industry. Now that you realize you are part of the agriculture community, have you given some thought to joining Ohio Farm Bureau?

Ohio Farm Bureau is a nonprofit membership organization that exists to help farm families. The organization does this by advocating for agriculture in public policy issues and through consumer engagement about agricultural issues.  

There are involvement opportunities for horse owners in every area of the state. I am personally involved with Hamilton County Farm Bureau and am proud to say Hamilton County’s Farm Bureau board of trustees is as invested in the equine industry as you are. You might be pleased to learn that over half of the 12 Hamilton County Farm Bureau board members either own horses or grow hay to sell to horse owners. Hamilton County Farm Bureau donated more than $2,500 to the Hamilton County Park District’s Bridle Trail Fund, and Hamilton County Farm Bureau supported the passage of a national Farm Bureau policy supporting the development and maintenance of equestrian trails in all 50 states.

Agriculture is Ohio’s largest economic driver, and all 88 counties are represented by Ohio Farm Bureau. On a regular basis, Farm Bureau members meet with local and state elected officials. On an annual basis, representatives from every county Farm Bureau travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with officials from the Senate, House of Representatives, and the Department of Agriculture to discuss the issues that are affecting Ohio agriculture. I cannot name any other equine-related organization that routinely has this type of working relationship with local, state and federal elected officials – the same elected officials who make the laws that can affect the horse industry and your horse ownership.

In addition to local involvement and a voice in decision making for yourself and the community, Ohio Farm Bureau members also receive benefits and may participate in programs such as scholarships, community grants, farm signs, newsletters and a magazine. Also included with membership are discounts on hotels, rental cars, insurance and amusement parks. Most county Farm Bureaus have additional, local member benefits, too.

Currently there are more than 200,000 Ohio Farm Bureau members. We invite you to be part of Farm Bureau, an organization that gives individuals the ability to join together as members and cooperatively accomplish what could not be achieved individually – supporting the agricultural industry and horses of Ohio.

To obtain a complete list of activities and benefits, visit the Ohio Farm Bureau website or call 888-GrowWithFB.

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