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Agriculture education program and resource profiles

Published Jan. 21, 2013 | Discuss this article on Facebook
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The attached booklet contains profiles of agricultural education programs and resources.

The agriculture community is passionate about agriculture education. Whether itís training the next generation of farmers or reaching out to the 98 percent of individuals who are several generations removed from first-hand farming experiences, we know there is a need to connect agriculture education to many audiences.

The booklet attached in this post contains profiles of agricultural education programs and resources that are available through numerous state and national agriculture organizations, as well as profiles of agricultural education programs put on by county Farm Bureaus in Ohio.

Ohio Farm Bureau sees a clear need to broaden our education vision and to recognize the scope and scale of our current programs. We hope this document will be useful as a resource to help members and county Farm Bureaus connect with the information and materials they need to conduct a variety of ag education activities.

Remember, your Farm Bureau membership support helps to make all of our education efforts possible.

This booklet was compiled by Callie Wells, Ohio Farm Bureau communications specialist. If you know of information that you think should be included, contact Callie at [email protected] or 614-246-8231.

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