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OSU Extension offers Spring farm safety reminders

Published May. 2, 2013 | Discuss this article on Facebook
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by Callie Wells

Springtime means farmers are busy preparing for and starting planting. With more activity on the farm comes the potential for safety hazards for farmers and those sharing the roads with them.

Ohio State University’s Ag Safety and Health Program provides information to help increase safety for farmers and others. Health and Safety Coordinator Kent McGuire recently shared some reminders and information to keep farmers and others safe on the farm, and around farm equipment.

In this clip McGuire explains why spring can be a hazardous time of year.

The biggest tips McGuire has for spring safety concerns is to be patient.

Some suggestions McGuire has to stay safe on the farm and around farm equipment include get plenty of rest, be safe while traveling near farm equipment and while operating the equipment on roadways. He offers reminders about lighting and marking, SMV emblems and tips for correct ATV size.

Some safety resources McGuire suggests for farmers include the Ohio State Ag Safety and Health Program website and Facebook page. He also suggested using the Extension Ohioline website and searching for health and safety information.

Safety in Action

Learn more about a safety program in Hancock County where the county Farm Bureau is working with the county engineer to erect new signs cautioning drivers about farm machinery on roadways.

Callie Wells is a communications specialist for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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