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Ohio Farm Bureau Legal Information Series brochures

Published Jul. 17, 2013 | Discuss this article on Facebook
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by Callie Wells

Eminent domain, oil and gas leasing, open burning and all purpose vehicle use are just some of the topics covered in Ohio Farm Bureauís Legal Information Series brochures, which are being redesigned and made available electronically, for Ohio Farm Bureau members only.

Over the years, members have expressed a need for legal information on certain topics, so Ohio Farm Bureauís legal team created the Legal Information Series to meet that need.

Leah Curtis, Ohio Farm Bureau director of agricultural law, has written blogs with her top tips on some of the topics covered in the Legal Information Series. Each blog includes a brochure attached for members who would like electronic copies of the complete brochures.

Farm Bureau members can read Curtisí blogs and find the accompanying brochures using the links below.

More blogs and brochures are being updated and will become available as they are ready. Leave a comment below to let us know what topics you would like to see covered next in the Legal Information Series.

Here are Leah Curtisí Legal Information Series blogs:

All Purpose Vehicles

Oil and Gas Leasing

Open Burning

Eminent Domain

Ohioís Dog Laws

Zoning and Land Use

Trespassing and Landowner Liability

Drainage and Water Laws


Line Fence Law

Ag Districts and Ag Security Areas

You must be a Farm Bureau member to access the brochures accompanying each blog, with deeper information.

Not a member? Learn more about Farm Bureau's resources and request free information about the Ohio Landowner Toolkit.

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