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Three Questions and Answers about Spill Prevention Control

Published Jul. 22, 2013 | Discuss this article on Facebook
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by Yvonne Lesicko

There is something very satisfying about putting out good information that you know is going to be helpful. That’s how I feel about the webinar we just conducted on Spill Plans. We get a lot of calls into the office about whether a farm needs a spill plan – the official title is Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures – and honestly, it is a bit of a maze to determine but the experts at U.S. EPA who walked us through it on the webinar made the process manageable.

I mainly get three questions about spill plans:

1. Question: Do I need one? Answer: You need a plan if your farm stores more than 1,320 gallons in above ground containers or more than 42,000 gallons in buried containers

2. Question: What date do I need to have it by? Answer: Those requiring a plan needed to have had it in place by May 10 of this year but EPA will not enforce the requirement until September 26, 2013.

3. Question: How do I write one and comply with it? Answer: Watch the webinar. The webinar will walk you through exactly what having a plan means, who needs to be trained, what kind of containers count toward the threshold, how to create a plan and whether you can do it using an online tool or if you’ll need a professional engineer.

The webinar is a great source of information that you can look at when it’s convenient to you and that you can revisit again when new issues come up. I hope it covers all your questions, but if it doesn’t, it even provides all necessary contacts at EPA to get the answers you need. Happy viewing!


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Yvonne Lesicko is Ohio Farm Bureau’s senior director of legislative and regulatory policy.

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