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Ohio FFA Foundation is worthy of your support

Published May. 22, 2014 | Discuss this article on Facebook
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by David White

When was the first time you uttered the words, “I believe in the future of farming” or “I believe in the future of agriculture”?

For me, it was September 1976. I’m confident former FFA members would agree with me -- learning the FFA Creed is about more than developing public speaking skills and the ability to recite something from memory. The lessons taught by the creed are honored and treasured by FFA members. Revised four times since it was adopted by the organization in 1930, the FFA Creed has been adapted to reflect the changes in farming and the agriculture industry. Though the words have slightly changed, the basic values and beliefs remain a solid foundation for the FFA organization’s principles.

The FFA Creed describes the faith and fondness held for farming and agriculture and the love that farmers and agriculturists have for it. The creed explains that farming is not just a profession, but a way of life, with challenges and hardships but plentiful rewards.

Earlier this month, I attended the Ohio FFA Association’s convention. You can’t help but be excited and positive about the future of agriculture when around a gathering of FFA members.

Even though fewer and fewer young people are growing up on farms these days, a record number are now donning the FFA’s blue corduroy jacket. The organization is attracting more kids interested in food and agricultural science.

In many school districts the interest and ability to go into production agriculture is declining. That’s why many agricultural education programs are focusing on biosciences as well as other areas you wouldn’t typically associate with farming such as law, public policy, entrepreneurship, communications and accounting.

A former FFA member recently declared in a Facebook post that “the future of America is now zipping up a blue corduroy jacket." That's a great line and so true. And we need to make sure it continues to happen.

We can do so by following the advice of the late Woody Hayes – pay it forward. The best place is to start with your local FFA chapter. Consider scheduling a visit with the FFA adviser. I guarantee you there’s something they’d like help with.

Additionally, consider making a donation to the Ohio FFA Foundation. The foundation is a cooperative effort among education, business and industry to support and inspire Ohio FFA members. Donations go toward supporting FFA leadership programs, awards and incentives. Please consider joining the more than 1,000 businesses, individuals and organizations that support the foundation. For more information, contact the Ohio FFA Foundation at 614-299-1332 or [email protected].

David White is senior director of commodity relations for Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and represents OFBF on the Ohio FFA Foundation’s Sponsors Team.

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