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Our Take: Final thoughts on Issue 2

Published Nov. 2, 2009 | Discuss this article on Facebook
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From the Oct. 15, 2009 Buckeye Farm News

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Issue 2 is not about an ideology. It is about a reality. The world is changing. And we mustnít think that we can take no action today and be prepared for the fights that await us.

Yes, we will stand together when the challenges come. But we must equip ourselves now. We must answer the call of the public before the opposition does. Farmers are few. Our critics are strong. And while Issue 2 is not the complete answer; it is a turning point.

How society will come to terms with its relationship to the animals we care for is a blank page. By Ohioans or by outsiders, the rules will be written.

As some seek to divide us, we can still recognize our common belief in this way of life that we have shared for generations.

So come together. Ask questions. Voice concerns. Tell your story. And stay united. Always remember that our values are constant regardless of what happens in any election.

We will do whatís right for our consumers, our animals and the next generation of farmers. We will do that by staying engaged.

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