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by George Stadtlander, Chief Managed Care Officer, Medical Mutual of Ohio

Medical Mutual of Ohioís view of healthcare reform

Published Dec. 17, 2009

As healthcare reform legislation makes it way through Congress, you should know that Medical Mutual of Ohio is not opposed to reform. We agree that some sort of reform, which will affect rural Ohio as much as urban Ohio, is necessary.

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Medical Mutual of Ohio details new health care law

Published Dec. 16, 2010

Representatives from Medical Mutual of Ohio provided farmers at Ohio Farm Bureau's annual meeting with an overview of a number of new provisions in the nationís new health care law and an outlook on the politics surrounding it.

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Medical Mutual health plans save Farm Bureau members money

Published Mar. 26, 2009

Are you feeling the pinch of the current economic downturn? Did you know Ohio Farm Bureauís health insurance partner, Medical Mutual, offers in-network preventive care at no additional cost and an opportunity to earn a $75 deductible credit?

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Alt and Allison discuss Medicaid expansion in Ohio. Should we or shouldn't we?

Medicaid expansion: Should we or shouldn't we?

Published Oct. 17, 2013

The state could add people who donít qualify for subsidized insurance under the Affordable Care Act to Medicaid. But should they? On the next Town Hall Ohio, airing this weekend, this tricky topic is discussed.

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May We IntroduceÖ

Published Feb. 5, 2009

Gene Phillips, Knox County?; Amy Hurst, Public Policy Department executive assistant?

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