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Third graders win a free trip to dairy farm

Published Jun. 11, 2010

The Ohio Livestock Coalition has announced the winner of a statewide essay contest for third graders in response to the question “How do Ohio farmers make sure we have good, safe food to eat?”

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Third Frontier program up for renewal

Published Feb. 22, 2010

Ohioans will be voting in May whether to expand funding for a program that has created jobs through investment in research and development of new technologies, including advanced projects involving agriculture.

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Leah Curtis, OFBF director of legal education.

Thinking Critically about CAUV

Published Nov. 13, 2012

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Director of Legal Education, Leah Curtis discusses Current Agricultural Use Values, concerns about it, factors in the calculation and asks Farm Bureau members to think critically about the CAUV program.

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Paula Sauer

There’s no place like (medical) home

Published Nov. 11, 2010

How many of us remember doctors who made house calls? While most of us yearn for those simpler times, there is a new model based on the old simplicity of one doctor providing personal, one-on-one, efficient health care. This model is called the Medical Home.

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Could efforts to block GMO labeling be “the worst PR strategy ever.”?

The worst PR strategy ever?

Published Oct. 16, 2013

The customer might not always be right. But the customer is effectively right. In other words, what you’re offering has no value if people aren’t buying it. Mark Lynas, an environmentalist and GMO advocate, laid out a compelling case for better appreciating consumer concerns during his recent talk at the Center for Food Integrity summit where he called efforts to block GMO labeling “the worst PR strategy ever.”

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Food has been elevated in consumer consciousness. Are we finally getting what we asked for?

The story of 2010: The Food Movement

Published Dec. 13, 2010

For years, farmers lamented that generations of consumers stopped paying attention to how they were being fed. Are we finally getting what we asked for?

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Vilsack, Salazar, Jackson, Browner and Chu

The president’s picks

Published Feb. 5, 2009

New leaders want ‘sustainable’ policies, vow to combat global warming

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Working together, we will grow together.

The power of working together

Published Jul. 20, 2011

Ohio Farm Bureau’s recent success in shaping the affairs of our state can be seen for what it is: The dividends of engaging government in the Farm Bureau way – years of relationship building, civil communication and grassroots cooperation resulting in a remarkable string of accomplishments.

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The Message Board - Save the date | Grandin to speak at animal welfare conf.

Published Oct. 15, 2010

Ohio Farm Bureau's annual meeting is Dec. 1-3 | Temple Grandin to speak at animal welfare symposium | By the Numbers | In their words...

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THE MESSAGE BOARD - Agriculture Grants Available

Published Sep. 24, 2010

The Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation is offering a new series of Agricultural Action and Awareness Grants for 2010.

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