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Nationwide News: Tractor Safety -- Stay on Top of It

Published Oct. 9, 2012

Farm tractors are a primary tool for most farms. But studies show tractors are also involved in a high proportion of farm injuries and fatalities. Most accidents can be prevented by following basic tractor safety guidelines.

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Nationwide news: 9 tips for lowering your insurance premiums

Published Mar. 21, 2014

At Nationwide, we offer several discounts – but not everyone understands how to find these savings. Contact your agent for a no-cost On Your Side Review to learn which discounts you may be eligible for. Here are a few of the savings opportunities your insurance policy review may uncover:

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Nationwide News: Applying the science of ergonomics to farm work

Published Apr. 17, 2013

Nationwide explains how to apply ergonomics to farm work, to reduce stress on the body and increase safety.

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Nationwide News: Are you ready to ride?

Published Aug. 16, 2012

With more than 16 million people now using all-terrain vehicles for work and fun, ATVs are kicking up more dirt than ever. Whether riding ATVs for work or play, adult or child, the powerful machines can quickly create dangerous situations.

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Nationwide News: Ask for annual farm insurance review before disaster strikes

Published Apr. 19, 2010

The heavy snowfall that hit eastern states in February, or “Snowmageddon” as some called it, served as a reminder to many farmers that it’s a good policy to review farm insurance coverages on a regular basis.

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