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Increasing income levels in the booming Chinese economy increase the demand for soy products.

Opinion: OSC testing the waters of China’s sea of soybean export potential

Published May. 14, 2009

by Matt Reese

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Opinion: Perfect attendance ?matters in the workplace

Published Mar. 12, 2009

Russ Beckner, Butler County

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Opinion:Thanks to OFBF’s trustees

Published May. 14, 2009

Bob and Autumn Morrison, Jefferson County

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Opportunities for agricultural education

Published Aug. 26, 2013

Recently, we asked where we should invest in agricultural education. Here's what you told us.

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Options for farmers with crop damage, delayed planting from wet conditions

Published May. 19, 2011

Heavy rainfall and flood conditions across the Midwest have caused crop damage and slowed planting this spring. Producers who are unable to plant an insured crop by the final planting date due to an insurable cause, such as excess moisture and flooding have a number of options.

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