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Dr. Ronald Kensinger

Ohio State’s new animal sciences chair lays out priorities

Published Feb. 15, 2012

The college has identified key areas important to the general public and needs to continue working on them, he said. Those areas include research, biofuels and high fiber materials, animal welfare and Extension.

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Ohio Supreme Court case examines how grain bins are taxed

Published Jan. 19, 2015

An Ohio Board of Tax Appeals ruling that nonpermanent grain storage bins are not “real property” under Ohio law has been appealed and is now an Ohio Supreme Court case.

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Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor on 'Town Hall Ohio'

Published Oct. 26, 2015

Maureen O'Connor is the 10th Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court and the first women to hold that position. One of her latest initiatives is to tackle the problem in Ohio... our less than enthusiastic participation in judicial elections.

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Click the video above to hear Kvamme explain his plan to attract businesses and spur economic growth.

Ohio taking new path toward job creation

Published Feb. 17, 2011

Mark Kvamme, director of the Ohio Department of Development, appears this weekend on Ohio Farm Bureau’s radio show Town Hall Ohio to discuss a new private-public partnership intended to bring jobs to the state. Here's a preview.

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Ohio water research and resources

Published Aug. 12, 2014

The harmful algal bloom issue in Lake Erie is complex, and many groups and institutions are working to understand all of the factors involved. Ohio’s agriculture community has been focusing on finding ways to keep nutrients in place on farms by preventing runoff. Below are a few resources to learn more about what is being done and can be done, plus other educational materials.

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