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Ag Chat Foundation

The goal of the AgChat Foundation is simple: help farmers and ranchers use social media to tell their stories to the 98.5 percent of the population not engaged in the production of food, feed, fuel and fiber.

Agronomic Links Around the World

Agronomic Links Around the Globe is a collection of agronomic links organized by international, national and state categories, and maintained by R.L. (Bob) Nielsen, Dept. of Agronomy, Purdue University.

American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture

The mission of the Foundation is to build awareness, understanding, and a positive public perception of agriculture through education. Donations help fund Mini Grant projects and scholarships as well as all of the agricultural literacy projects the Foundation produces.

Best Food Facts

Common food system questions are answered and a rating on the Food Integrity Index is provided by third-party experts. Each expert rates the issue independently so they maintain academic freedom and the integrity of their perspective on the issue. Questions may be submitted for consideration.

Farm Forum Online

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Local Matters

Local Matters is a not-for-profit based in central Ohio whose mission is to transform the food system to be more secure, prosperous, just and delicious! It does this by promoting healthy food education, by increasing access to wholesome, delicious food and by advocating for fair food policies.

Ohio Department of Travel and Tourism

Take a look around and discover just how much fun Ohio can be.


Ohio State University Extension Web site

Rural Community Building Blog

The site features new stories and blog posts every week by Sabrina Matteson, AFBF director of rural affairs. It lists dozens of links to resources on agritourism, local foods, funding opportunities, research reports and initiatives to foster entrepreneurship.