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Ohio Farm Bureau understands the importance of members and staff working together to accomplish the organization’s legislative and regulatory goals.


Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s team of issue experts, lobbyists, and poiltical education staff work hard to ensure that quality legislation is enacted in the state of Ohio that benefits the agricultural industry and promotes the farmer’s bottom line. As these laws are being debated and enacted, it is equally important for OFBF to educate members about how new legislation will affect their lives and businesses.

Listed below are the major State and Federal Public Policy Initiatives that Ohio Farm Bureau will address in 2013. Click here for a PDFs of Ohio Farm Bureau Legislative Priorities for both Federal and State.

The Legislative Directory and district maps for the 113th U.S. Congress and 130th Ohio General Assembly are available in the policy and politics Resources section.


Agricultural funding in the state budget

Published May. 31, 2013

OFBF Executive Vice President Jack Fisher sent the following letter to the Ohio Senate emphasizing the importance of agricultural funding in the state budget.

OFBF's letter on transporation rules to Chairman Damschroder of House Committee

Published May. 15, 2013

OFBF submitted a letter on transportation rules to Chairman Damschroder of the House Transportation, Public Safety, and Homeland Security Sub-Committee. Farm Bureau policy opposes HB 133, which is legislation to remove the requirement that vehicles have a front license plate.

OFBF staff testimony on state budget, HB 59

Published May. 15, 2013

OFBF Director of State Policy, Brandon Kern submitted written testimony to members of the Senate Finance Education Sub-Committee regarding items important to Farm Bureau in the state budget bill.

State Budget Priorities

Published Apr. 10, 2013

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Executive Vice President Jack Fisher sent the following letter to members of the Ohio House of Representatives this week to outline OFBF's priorities in the State Budget Bill.

OFBF's letter on agricultural nutrients, proposed draft legislation

Published Apr. 8, 2013

An abundant supply of high quality water is Ohio’s greatest natural resource. Protecting water quality is essential to Ohio’s future. OFBF believes that farmers have the responsibility to proactively do our part to solve the nutrient management challenge facing Ohio today.


Agricultural labor and immigration reform

Published Apr. 24, 2013

OFBF Executive Vice President Jack Fisher sent the following letter to the members of the Ohio delegation of the U.S. House of Representatives to outline the growing labor and immigration concern in agriculture.

Federal Priority Issues

Published Feb. 13, 2013

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation's 2013 Federal Priority Issues

Farm Bureau members take action on estate tax

Published Nov. 27, 2012

OFBF has sent out an action alert, asking members to contact their senators and representatives to ask them to extend the current maximum estate tax rate and exemption, which are set to expire Jan. 1. The current exemption is set at $5 million with a top rate of 35 percent...

Bill redirects biofuel spending

Published Jul. 20, 2011

The American Farm Bureau Federation is urging members of the Senate to support a bipartisan bill that would continue America’s transition to home-grown biofuels.

Congressional Committees Advance FTAs

Published Jul. 20, 2011

Senate and House committees have approved the Korea, Colombia and Panama free trade agreements (FTAs) in mock mark-up sessions, moving them closer to finalization.

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Public Policy Updates

Key Votes

The Ohio Farm Bureau public policy staff members are continually reviewing legislation being debated at the Statehouse and at the U.S. Capitol. Staff determines, based on priorities set by the Ohio Farm Bureau board of trustees and Farm Bureau policy, if a particular bill should be designated as a KeyVote. While the staff works on many bills, those designated as KeyVotes are a select few that are important to agriculture and rural Ohio and have clear support from Farm Bureau policy.

Once a KeyVote has been designated, it becomes a priority for the public policy staff. Before important votes, legislators are informed that the bill is an OFBF KeyVote and their votes will be counted in OFBF's process for determining which legislators earn the Friend of Agriculture and Friend of Farm Bureau awards.

This program is not meant to penalize legislators that do not vote in favor of Farm Bureau policy, but rather it is meant to recognize in a positive manner the legislators that are truly "Friends of Agriculture.”