Policy & Politics

OFBF Testifies as an Interested Party on SB109

Published Dec. 13, 2011

OFBF recently weighed in on a new piece of proposed legislation which would effectively immunize trespassers from liability if they enter a property to “beautify” it. Senate Bill 109 attempts to change the current trespassing laws to provide immunization from any criminal trespassing charges...

Farmers Urge Passage of HCR27

Published Dec. 13, 2011

Two central Ohio Farm Bureau members recently testified on legislation introduced by State Representative Bob Peterson (R- Sabina) that calls on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reconsider the FCC order granting the broadband network provider, LightSquared, conditional...

Testimony on the Health of Lake Erie

Published Dec. 19, 2011

OFBF senior director for environmental policy Dr. Larry Antosch testified before the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee regarding the health of Lake Erie.

Ohio Farm Bureau staff testimony on HB 276

Published Mar. 2, 2012

OFBF Director of State Policy Beth Vanderkooi testified before the Senate Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources Committee in support of House Bill 276.

Testimony on the Agricultural Linked Deposit Program

Published Mar. 2, 2012

Preble County farmer and Farm Bureau member Lane Osswald testified before the Senate Financial Institutions Committee in support of the Agricultural Linked Deposit Program and support of an expansion of the program.