Seed Sorting

Materials Needed:

Gather a variety of seeds that are different visually, and represent various types of plants

Petri dishes for each type of seed; label each dish

Randomly combine seed varieties in small containers for the following activities:
Math Activities: (Divide class into cooperative groups of 3-4 students)

Sorting of seeds (use trays from cafeteria, white paper, etc.)

Count seeds by variety (record on board, posters, etc.)

Use seeds for addition and subtraction problems (record on board, posters, etc.)

Create a sequential pattern with different seeds (pattern should repeat)

Graph seeds by variety (design graphs that have cells that will accommodate seeds)

Use a ruler to measure varieties after laying them end-to-end

Record time from planting to sprouting on the classroom calendar
Science Activities:

Go for a nature walk and collect seeds.

Create a seed classification learning station (organize by color and shape characteristics).

Highlight the changes seeds go through during the seasons of the year.

Choose some appropriate cooking activities (popcorn, pumpkin seeds).

Introduce concept of the “food chain.”

Adapted from the Agriculture Awareness Foundation of Pennsylvania