Farmer Doug Raubenolt with Chef Michael Mariola of South Market Bistro in Wooster. Farmer-chef collaborations are becoming increasingly popular. Mariola is holding a Tea Hills-grown pan seared chicken breast, served over slow roasted summer vegetables.

Restaurant Route

Student activity based on “Restaurant Route” published in the March/April/May 2007 Our Ohio magazine.

Academic Content Standard
(Science Grade: 3): Scientific Ways of Knowing – Students demonstrate an understanding of the cultural contributions of women and men who provide us with a more reliable and comprehensive understanding of the natural world. Students will identify various careers in science and discuss how men and women find science rewarding as a career and in their everyday lives.

(Note: Key terms used from Ohio’s Academic Content Standards are in bold below).

Discussion points

  • Read “Restaurant Route” with an adult. When you read about a food item, underline it.
  1. Who is Emeril Lagasse? What is his career? Why is he famous?
  2. What does a chef do? Why is it important to Chef Mariola to buy food items directly from farmers?
  3. What foods are mentioned in this article that farmers produce here in Ohio to supply to restaurants?
  4. In your own words, describe what a farmer does. This is his career.
  5. The article gives two difficulties a chef has when buying food for his restaurant from local farmers. What are those two difficulties?
  6. What does the Ohio Farm Bureau provide to chefs to help them know what local food is available for buying?
  7. What people benefit from farmers and chefs working together to provide good food to customers?
  8. Would you consider a chef and a farmer to be scientists? Why or why not?
  9. Does this article sound interesting to you and make you want to be a part of the “field to fork” process in the future?

Hands on at Home

  1. Investigation of careers in agriculture and food science.
  2. Although farmer Doug Raubenolt considers himself “just an old farm boy” many skills are needed to be a successful farmer. Most of those skills are described as sciences. Explore the following careers by defining them. The Our Ohio Web site link to the United States Department of Agriculture will help
  3. Food Scientist
  4. Agronomist
  5. Plant Pathologist
  6. Engineer
  7. Microbiologist
  8. Chemist
  9. After exploring these careers, take an on-line quiz at
  10. Discuss with a friend or adult how the scientists you read about may find science rewarding as a career in their everyday lives.Extensions
  11. Geography: Locate the cities hosting the noted restaurants on an Ohio map: Loudonville, Wooster, Columbus, Athens, Cleveland and Cincinnati.
  12. What other careers related to the food industry can you identify. List them.
  13. Horticulturalist

This student activity was prepared by Camille Kopczewski, who is coordinator of religious education at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Grove City. She is a former sixth grade social studies teacher for South-Western City Schools. She has undergraduate and graduate degrees in education.