Carrot Harvest

Student activity based on the article “Campbell Soup Company’s Ohio Roots” from the June/July/Aug 2007 Our Ohio magazine.

Academic Content Standard
(Social Studies Grade: 1): Economics- Students use economic reasoning skills and knowledge of major economic concepts, issues and systems in order to make informed choices as producers, consumers, savers, investors, workers and citizens in an interdependent world.

(Note: Key terms used from Ohio’s Academic Content Standards are in bold below).

Discussion points

  • Have you ever eaten a bowl of Campbell’s Soup? Have you seen V8 juice in the store or have you tasted it? Did you know that Campbell’s Soup and V8 juice are made here in Ohio?
  • What is your favorite Campbell’s Soup? What picture is on the label of the soup?
  • What ingredients are in the soup? Can you draw the food items in the soup?
  • Are there any carrots? Do you think there are carrots in vegetable juice?
  • What do carrots look like? Draw one.
  • Have an adult read “Carrot Harvest” to the student. Every few paragraphs, stop and ask the student to tell you what you read.
  • Emphasize the need for Campbell’s Soup Company to buy carrots from farmers.
  • Can a farmer choose to grow any food he/she wants? (Resources) Why does the farmer in the article choose to grow carrots? (Producer / Market)
  • Why does Campbell’s Soup buy carrots?
  • What animals really like the farmer’s carrots in the article?
  • Is it a good thing that there are farmers to produce carrots? Why?
  • What does a farmer exchange with Campbell’s Soup for his carrots?
  • What other food items do farmers produce to sell to companies like Campbell’s Soup?

Hands on at Home

  • Take the first sentence of the article and have your student draw the steps a carrot takes from the dirt to the bottled and boxed food item.
  • Why do you choose Campbell’s Soup at the grocery store? Or why not? (cost, variety, brand, label, taste)
  • Grab a can of Campbell’s Soup. Read the ingredients together with your student.
    • Ask your student where those food items are grown.
    • Visit on the Internet for some more interesting information
  • Read the list of ingredients on the label of V8 Juice. Have your student draw the food items. Or collect the items and compare the actual food item with the juice.
    • Do a taste test with the different types of V8 Juice. Compare the food items in the juice.


  • Grow some vegetables at home. Discuss the growing process from seed to plant to vegetable.
  • Geography – Identify the following locations on a map with your student:
    • Henry County, Ohio
    • Napoleon, Ohio
    • Fulton County, Ohio

This student activity was prepared by Camille Kopczewski, who is coordinator of religious education at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Grove City. She is a former sixth grade social studies teacher for South-Western City Schools. She has undergraduate and graduate degrees in education.