Bridging the Gap

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They don’t understand modern agriculture.  Or they just don’t like it.  In either case, they’re pointing their fingers at farmers for global warming, food prices, government waste, animal mistreatment and environmental degradation.  Who are “they?”  They’re turning out to be everyone from relentless activists to well-meaning voters, regulators and reporters.  Perhaps more importantly, “they” are often the majority.

New challenges are on the way in the form of laws, regulations, ballot initiatives, Internet videos, newspaper editorials and lawsuits. This well-fed nation has asked a lot of its farmers.  Now, farmers are being told they need to do much more.

To be clear, agriculture is not about “us” versus “them.”  Everyone eats,  appreciates green space, wants proper care for animals and a clean environment.  Farm Bureau  recognizes this with its mission to “forge a partnership between farmers and consumers.”  So what happens when philosophies don’t line up or communication falls short?

Farm Bureau is calling on farmers to write a congressman, give testimony to regulators, host a tour, submit a  policy, sit on a committee or sign a new member.  Farmers have a lot invested in their operations; giving as little as just a few minutes to advocate for everything they’ve worked for is a wise investment.


Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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