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The election of 2008 was one that will not soon be forgotten. A new president was elected, many new congressional and legislative leaders earned the right to represent their districts, and voters promised to preserve farmland through the passage of Issue 2 (the Clean Ohio Fund). Ohio Farm and Country in February will take a look at ways landowners and businesses are using Clean Ohio programs.

Also on the show, the EPA has proposed a new permit fee based on the amount of greenhouse gas generated by livestock including cattle and hogs. If implemented, the proposal could cause many livestock farms to cease operations. Farm Bureau is working to make certain this proposal does not become reality.

Specialization is not uncommon within the medical profession, and it’s becoming even more common in the agriculture sector. The show will showcase how many producers have streamlined their operations, helping them to remain viable in agriculture. Also, school districts may be able to take advantage of funding from the state that could benefit Ohio’s soybean producers.

The February episode of Ohio Farm and Country will start airing on Sunday, Feb. 1 on Ohio News Network (ONN) and may be seen throughout the entire month.


Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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