OFBF First Vice President Steve Hirsch (r) accepts the traveling FBACT trophy for the Midwest region on behalf

Ohio Farm Bureau receives award for grassroots action

For Immediate Release
March 10, 2009

COLUMBUS, Ohio (OFBF) – The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s (OFBF) public policy team and overall grassroots activity was recently recognized by the American Farm Bureau as one of the nation’s best.

OFBF was awarded the traveling FBACT (Farm Bureau Agricultural Contact Team) trophy for the Midwest Region for excellence in grassroots activities aimed at Congress. The award is given once every two years, coinciding with the Congressional cycle. OFBF earned the trophy for its efforts during the 110th Congress.

FBACT advances agricultural and rural interests by connecting members of Congress to those people who matter most – their constituents.

“Passing legislation that supports our issues is a challenging process that requires active participation by our members,” said OFBF Senior Director of Legislative and Regulatory Policy Adam Sharp. “This award is a big thank you for all our members taking the time to participate in a wide range of grassroots government activities.”

The award is based upon five grassroots areas: Participation in Federal Issues; Member Visits to Washington, D.C.; In-state Grassroots Activities; Other Activities; and Recruitment.

Highlights from the last two years of Ohio Farm Bureau grassroots activities:

  • 10,495 post cards and letters sent to lawmakers on a wide variety of ag-related issues.
  • More than 300 member visits, including 200 by county presidents to legislators’ offices in Washington, D.C.
  • More than 1,000 participants took part in 34 different Congressional district-based farm forums, farm tours, meet-and-greets, fundraisers and more.
  • A 20–member inaugural class graduates this month from the new, intensive, year-long leadership course, AgriPOWER Institute. AgriPOWER is designed to develop advocates for the farming industry and help farmers gain influence over public policy issues that impact their businesses.

The Ohio Farm Bureau is the Buckeye State’s largest general farm organization, with more than 234,000 members. Learn more about Ohio Farm Bureau at www.ofbf.org.



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