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After reaching an estimated 482,333 participants through 1,183 events (as of the end of this school year), the COSI on Wheels program, “Agriculture Adventures,” is ending its visits to Ohio schools. The Ohio Farm Bureau-sponsored program has visited elementary schools throughout Ohio and six adjoining states since 2000, teaching students the science behind their food.

Introducing students to life on the farm and exploring how food is produced from the farm to the table, the program gave students a chance to grind wheat, milk a cow and learn which products come from the Ohio agriculture industry.

Upon the completion of this school year, “Agriculture Adventures” will be replaced by a new COSI on Wheels health and wellness program that will debut in schools in the fall. OFBF is on an advisory committee for the new program’s development.

“It’s been a win-win for all,” said OFBF Education Specialist Judy Roush, “and a very effective outreach program for us and for COSI Columbus.”

COSI on Wheels has been on the go since 1983, while Farm Bureau came on board in 2000 by sponsoring “Agriculture Adventures.” Prior to the show going on the road, OFBF put together a three-day local farm tour to help COSI understand agriculture. “It made a huge difference,” Roush said. “They could see what we were talking about and it helped shape the program into what it is today.”

Because of Farm Bureau’s sponsorship, “Agriculture Adventures” has been made available to county Farm Bureaus at special events and will continue to be offered in this fashion over the summer months. A great number of local Farm Bureau volunteers have come into schools to help with the program’s hands-on breakout sessions, sharing even more agricultural information and knowledge with children.

Arcadia Elementary School in Hancock County will be one of the last stops for “Agriculture Adventures.” Arcadia High School Agricultural Education Instructor and FFA Adviser Doug Conine won a free visit for the school through an Our Ohio contest that will bring COSI on Wheels to the school March 19.


Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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