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OFBF was awarded the traveling FBACT (Farm Bureau Agricultural Contact Team) trophy for the Midwest Region for excellence in grassroots activities aimed at the  110th Congress. 

“Passing legislation that supports our issues is a challenging process that requires active participation by our members,” said OFBF Senior Director of Legislative and Regulatory Policy Adam Sharp. “This (award) is a big thank you for all our members taking the time to participate in a wide range of grassroots government activities.”

OFBF was evaluated in five areas of  grassroots involvement including participation in federal issues, member visits to Washington, in-state grassroots activities, other activities and recruitment.  Here’s a few highlights:

Members sent 10,495 post cards and letters to lawmakers on livestock permitting, horse slaughter legislation, the farm bill and water regulations.

More than 300 members met directly with lawmakers and agriculture officials in Washington on the farm bill, energy bill, estate tax reform, immigration reform, trade agreements and more.

More than 50 key farmers not yet active in OFBF traveled to Washington to learn about Farm Bureau, how policy is made and the importance of grassroots involvement.

More than 700 members participated in farm tours and listening sessions with Reps. Zack Space and Charlie Wilson and Sen. Sherrod Brown, a member of the Senate agriculture committee. 

Highlights from 5 areas of success:


  • Federal issues

OFBF members sent 10,495 post cards and letters to federal lawmakers regarding a number of proposed laws and regulations.

  • Visits to Washington

More than 300 members delivered key messages to Congress and agriculture officials .

  • In-state activities

More than 1,000 members participated in 34 different Congressional district-based farm forums, farm tours,  fund-raisers and more.

  • Other activities

Successful candidate screenings were held prior to the election, resulting in the “Friend of Farm Bureau” designation for ag-friendly legislators.


  • Recruitment


A 20–member inaugural class participated in OFBF’s AgriPOWER Institute, an intensive leadership training program.






Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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