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Ohio Farm Bureau has created a new contest as part of this year’s membership campaign. Farm Bureau members who sign at least one new member in this year’s campaign will earn a ticket to dine on a local farm. Sign two members and get two tickets.

“These exclusive picnics were created as an avenue to encourage associate members to be part of the membership campaign,” said OFBF Director of Membership Marketing Janet Cassidy. The contest is open to all membership workers who sign at least one new member. Cassidy said an on-farm dining experience could be an incentive for associate members to get out and ask their friends, family and neighbors to join Farm Bureau. “Typically we count on our farmers to bear the bulk of the load on membership,” Cassidy said. “This year, we wanted to see if we could expand our productive workers to include associate members.”

County Farm Bureaus are planning the picnics based on interest and participation. A full-page ad was included in the March/April Our Ohio magazine to announce these summer events. For more information, contact county Farm Bureau offices.


Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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