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Lawmakers want White House office for rural policy


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According to a news release, “Space demanded that, since the President has already established an Office of Urban Policy, he should establish an Office of Rural Policy.”

The creation of the office “would send a clear signal to the millions of Americans who live outside cities that they will not be ignored in the Obama administration,” said Space, a Democrat whose district covers a large portion of eastern Ohio.

The Congressional Rural Caucus, including Space and Rep. Charlie Wilson, a Democrat also from eastern Ohio, sent a letter to Obama saying that rural residents face highly unique policy issues, including agriculture, conservation, economic development, education, health care, information technology and transportation infrastructure.

The letter said even broad policy measures, such as a recent proposal to reapportion the federal gas tax based on miles driven rather than fuel consumed, could have severe ramifications in rural areas.

“There is no reason that urban areas should have their own representation in the White House
while rural areas go unrepresented,” Space said.


Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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