Farm Bureau task force looks to the future

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A task force launched to reexamine the direction of Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) recently embarked on a series of town hall meetings as it prepares to make recommendations about the future of the organization.

In 2001, a similar task force had done extensive work to position OFBF to effectively navigate emerging trends and challenges. In addition to identifying the organization’s core values and indicators of success, that task force had developed OFBF’s mission of forging a partnership between farmers and consumers.

The new group, which includes county Farm Bureau representatives, state Farm Bureau trustees and staff, will provide input on what Farm Bureau must do to remain effective moving forward.

The 11 town hall meetings were designed to gather feedback from local Farm Bureau leaders and expand the knowledge base of the task force. Local farmers were asked about the current challenges and future trends facing Ohio agriculture, where OFBF can have the greatest impact, what future OFBF members will look like and where OFBF should place its focus.

“I knew this was an opportunity to help shape Farm Bureau as to what the future may involve for Farm Bureau to allow the consumer to understand agriculture better,” said Mark Stokes of Clinton
County who participated in one of the meetings.

David Bright of Athens County saw a similar opportunity “to voice our opinions on what’s important to us at the county level, at the state level and at the national level.”

Another participant had remarked that “this is the best Farm Bureau meeting I’ve ever attended.”

As it continues to develop recommendations, the task force will gather input through surveys of Farm Bureau members, education and research professionals, government officials, commodity groups, the media, agribusinesses, consumer groups, environment and natural resource groups and Nationwide and OFBF staff.


Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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