Are you ready for the May 5, 2009 Primary Election?

Ohio’s next election is only a few days away; May 5th Ohioans will go to the polls to vote on a variety of local offices and issues.  According to Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, 66 counties will have issues and questions appearing on the ballot.

The total number of issues appearing on the ballot this year is 390.  Below is the list of issues broken down by type:

  • 17 Bond Issues (14 are school issues)
  • 283 Tax Issues (128 are school issues
  • 8 Local Option (Liquor) Questions
  • 82 Miscellaneous questions (please see breakdown below)
    • 49 tax changes (29 are school issues.  Tax changes & school issues can be the same issue)
    • 8 charter amendments
    • 10 zoning amendments
    • 5 gas aggregation questions
    • 5 electric aggregation questions
    • 5 miscellaneous questions

To find your polling location, click here.