OFBF to Sponsor Campaign Management Seminar

The Ohio Farm Bureau will join with other statewide business and agricultural commodity organizations to offer a Campaign Management Seminar for candidates interested in running for local, statewide, or national offices.  The seminar will be held September 2-3, 2009.

The Campaign Management Seminar will be facilitated by an American Farm Bureau staffer using curriculum developed by a bi-partisan coaltion of campaign consultants.  The two-day seminar will be jam packed with information addressing the following topics and others identified by seminar participants:

Session 1 – A Winning Candidate:

  • Determine the profile of a winning candidate
  • Learn how to effectively use the news media
  • Determine the role for the candidate’s spouse

Session 2 – A Winning Campaign Theme:

  • Establish a strong campaign theme
  • Coordinate campaign issues
  • Handle tough issues with aggressive reporters

Session 3 – A Winning Financial Plan:

  • Prepare a winning campaign budget
  • Examine effective, proven fund-raising activities
  • Understand and complete campaign reports

Session 4 – A Winning Organization:

  • Learn about proper campaign structure
  • Define roles/responsibilities within the campaign structure
  • Make effective use of volunteers
  • Put allies and coalitions together for a winning effort

Session 5 – A Winning Campaign:

  • Develop a campaign calendar
  • Use polls effectively
  • Put it all together with election day activities

At the end of the first day, there will be an evening reception in which participants will be video taped doing an interview with a veteran/agressive news reporter.  The video tapes will be analyzed by seminar participants on the second day.

A brochure and registration information is being developed and will be released in May 2009.  For more information, contact OFBF Director of Political and Legislative Education – Doug Foxx via e-mail at [email protected].