Peterson: EPA, USDA Will Kill Off Biofuels Industry

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson ( D-Minn.) said he will not support any climate change bills and said the Obama administration is unfair to the ethanol industry with its proposals on greenhouse gas reduction.  “You’re going to kill off the biofuels industry before it even gets started. You are in bed with the oil industry,” Peterson told Environmental Protection Agency and USDA officials at a House Agriculture subcommittee hearing Wednesday on ethanol’s impact on land use and greenhouse gases. The proposed methods to gauge greenhouse gas emissions, part of EPA’s implementation of a 2007 energy law, are based on “ideology” and aren’t reliable enough to craft policy, Peterson said. “You can’t trust them,” he said of the agency, which would write rules under any bill that would be passed. “I no longer have any confidence in the EPA.” An initial EPA review released Wednesday found that certain methods of corn-based ethanol production don’t meet a requirement to emit 20 percent less greenhouse gas than gasoline. The average was 16 percent less, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said.