Farm Bureau Center to elevate animal issues

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) has announced the creation of the Center for Food and Animal Issues. The Center represents Farm Bureau’s expanded commitment to participate in and influence the public dialog over the role animals play in society.

“Ultimately, our goal is to assure that people who rely on animals, either physically, emotionally or economically have the right to do so,” said Jack Fisher, executive vice president of OFBF.

The Center will engage farmers, consumers, pet and horse owners, medical researchers, sportsmen and hunters, zoo supporters, hunger advocates, local animal welfare organizations and others.

“People connect to animals in different ways; for sustenance, companionship, entertainment and even contributions to human health,” Fisher said. “The Center will bring together diverse interests to advance shared values.”

Among those values are the beliefs that people should remain free to choose what is the proper use of animals, that all animals should be treated humanely and that decisions about animal care should be made by appropriate parties.

While Farm Bureau has always been involved in these issues, the new Center demonstrates the resolve of OFBF Trustees, members and staff to counter a growing challenge.

“Animal rights activists are very accomplished at manipulating public opinion,” Fisher said. “They make what sound like simple demands regarding animals when in reality their true goal is to give animals status equal to humans.”

The Center will counter the activists’ agenda by engaging the public in an informed, reasoned discussion about the proper role of animals in our lives.

A subsidiary of the Center will be the Animals for Life Foundation, which will focus on fund raising efforts to support the Center’s mission.

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