Ohio boasts best logger

Buckeye Farm News 

Redoutey Logging, Scioto County, recently accepted the 2009 National Outstanding Logger of the Year award in recognition of excellence in environmentally-friendly harvesting  practices, business operations, employee safety training and for their community contributions.

The Redoutey’s recognition is the first time an Ohio logger has ever been selected the National Outstanding Logger of the Year.

The winner is selected from the nation’s top loggers picked from several regions. The Redoutey family, who are Farm Bureau members, was named the Appalachian Regional Logger of the Year last fall, and before that, was named by the Ohio Forestry Association as Ohio’s Outstanding Logger of the Year.

“The Redoutey family are leaders in promoting safe working practices, innovative logging techniques and in assuring the highest environmental standards,” said David Lytle, chief of the Ohio Division of Forestry.

The National Outstanding Logger of the Year is selected and awarded by the Forest Resources Association, a nonprofit trade association concerned with the safe, efficient and sustainable harvest of forest products and their transport from woods to mill.

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