Opinion:Thanks to OFBF’s trustees

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Note: The following letter was sent to OFBF’s Board of Trustees and has been published here by permission.

We would like to express our great appreciation for the support and investment you have made in our family over the last few years.

We were privileged enough to be selected to serve on the Young Farmer Committee in 2006-07 and your support of that program was overwhelming. We could not have accomplished the networking and outreach to other young farmers without your support.

In 2008 we were selected as the Outstanding Young Farm Couple, quite an honor, and a goal we have used as a mile marker in our farm operation. We would like to thank you for sponsoring us for the national AFBF meeting in San Antonio, Texas. You have been most generous in the young farmer programs.

Bob has just completed the AgriPOWER Institute, and we would like to thank you for creating this program that helps train our future advocates. The financial support he received, the scholarship, was most appreciated. His employer was most gracious with his work schedule, he was able to adjust his schedule at home, and you, at Farm Bureau, are the vehicle that put it all together.

We would just like to thank you for the investment of time, both financial and personal, that you have put into us in the past few years. We are better prepared to help move agriculture forward in our community, state and country, thanks to Farm Bureau. There is no way to repay for the personal growth we have experienced through these programs. All we can do is try to reinvest ourselves into the cause and return to you our efforts as a sign of gratitude.

Thank you again for your support. These programs have prepared us to step up, step out and step forward in our personal lives and for agriculture.



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