New legislation meant to curb ATV trespassing


Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) effectively lobbied to get language in the state transportation budget that could curb ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) trespassing. Those who trespass on an ATV will face increased penalties and a “3rd strike and you’re out” provision that allows for the confiscation of their vehicle. ATVs will also be required to display a visible license plate or number that helps law enforcement officials identify trespassers. ATVs used primarily for agriculture are exempt. The transportation bill was signed by the governor earlier this month.

“We appreciate the efforts of the General Assembly to respond to this problem of ATV trespass, especially the work done by Rep. (Sandra Stabile) Harwood, who has worked on this issue for several years. This measure will help us to reduce the amount of ATV trespassing and the crop and field damage that it causes,” said Beth Vanderkooi, OFBF director of state policy.

OFBF had identified ATV trespassing as a component of its efforts to protect personal property rights in 2009. Other legislative priority areas include the state budget, education reform, business climate and taxes, livestock, transportation and infrastructure and energy.

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