State Issue 2 – Clean Ohio passes with 69% percent of the vote

Issue 2 is also known as the Clean Ohio Fund. This program is funded by state issued bonds and was first passed by Ohio’s citizens in 2000. Passage of Issue 2 in November was needed to reauthorize the Clean Ohio Fund. This initiative generates $200 million to preserve farmland and other natural areas and $200 million to redevelop polluted sites. Clean Ohio encourages smart growth policies and funds farmland preservation programs. It also provides money to clean up and redevelop abandoned industrial sites, thus reducing the need to develop productive agricultural land.  Since 2000, the Clean Ohio Fund has enabled the revitalization of 173 abandoned and polluted industrial sites. It has leveraged private investment to redeveloped sites, resulting in nearly $2.6 billion in private investment and potentially more than 14,750 new jobs. Also 20,000 acres of prime farmland, 26,000 acres of natural areas and 210 miles of recreational trails have been protected.

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