U.S. EPA Names Agriculture Advisor

Larry Elworth, has been named as chief Agriculture Counselor to Administrator Lisa Jackson.  Larry has more than 30 years experience in agriculture and brings to EPA an understanding of all sides of agricultural issues.  He developed that understanding through years as an official shaping national farm policies, and as owner and manager of tree fruit and vineyard operations.  Larry previously served as Executive Director of the Center for Agricultural Partnerships, a nonprofit organization that works with farmers on developing environmentally sound and economically profitable practices.  He has worked on national and international pesticide policy, and overseen pest management, agricultural labor, and environmental policy for the Department of Agriculture and the Domestic Policy Council.  “Larry is a very good choice for this selection at U.S. EPA.” Said Adam Sharp, OFBF, “I have worked with Larry on many challenging issues in the past, he is well respected by farm groups and is very familiar with farmer concerns and opportunities regarding federal environmental policy.”