OFBF Public Policy Staff Identify Three Upcoming Key Votes for Ohio Lawmakers

Ohio Farm Bureau staff have identified three upcoming Key Votes for Ohio lawmakers.  These include:


Cow Tax Resolution –>Resolutions sponsored by Grendell/Gibbs (SCR 8) and Martin (HCR 15) to ask the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency to refrain from adopting any new regulations governing greenhouse gas emissions from livestock that would impose permit fees on livestock producers, and to memorialize the Congress of the United States to enact legislation introduced by United States Senators John Thune and Charles Schumer that proposes to amend Title V of the Clean Air Act to establish appropriate exemptions for livestock producers.  The Ohio Farm Bureau is requesting a “Yes” vote on SCR 8 and HCR 15.


Cap and Trade -A resolution sponsored by Widener (SCR 15) to ask the US Congress to refuse to enact cap and trade legislation that would negatively impact Americans through the elimination of jobs and by increasing the costs of goods and services and instead enact legislation that encourages states to establish and develop their own renewable energy portfolio standards.  The Ohio Farm Bureau is requesting a “Yes” vote on SCR 15, and anticipates the introduction of a House companion resolution on the same subject.


Bio-based Products –Senator Gillmor has introduced legislation (SB 131) that would require the Director of Administrative Services to establish a preference for the purchase of bio-based products, as long as the products are available at a reasonable cost and in a reasonable amount of time.  This program mirrors an existing federal program and would impact state agencies and state-supported institutions of higher education.  The Ohio Farm Bureau is requesting a “Yes” vote on SB 131.


Farm Bureau public policy staff will continue to monitor legislation that has the potential to be designated as a Key Vote.