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OFBF assists members with rural, business issues – OFBF recently served as a resource for members facing issues regarding: township zoning, line fence and building permit issues related to agricultural exemptions, an easement issue related to access to landlocked property, labor issues related to minimum wage, overtime compensation and unemployment compensation issues.

Producers continue to be concerned about environmental issues – OFBF attended the AFBF Environmental Issues Conference and discussed key items related to nutrient management in the Chesapeake Bay watershed as well as issues shared from the 20 states participating in the conference. OFBF submitted comments to Ohio EPA regarding draft proposed rules related to the beneficial use of sewage sludge and biosolids. OFBF also represented Ohio agricultural interests at the second meeting of the Ohio Great Lakes Compact Advisory Board.

Preserving farmland is important to agriculture’s future –
OFBF participated in the planning session for the 10th Farmland Preservation Summit.

OFBF is engaged in all aspects of the livestock industry
– OFBF gave a presentation on the impact legal issues are having on animal agriculture to an animal science class at Ohio State University. OFBF attended an ODA Concentrated Animal Feeding Facility advisory committee meeting to provide advice regarding livestock permitting program issues. OFBF provided input into the organization and development of various livestock farm tours to help educate various sectors about modern farm  practices. OFBF attended the Animal Ag Alliance’s stakeholder summit and gave a presentation on the importance of having an organized and functioning animal ag coalition in each state. OFBF gave a presentation on animal welfare/animal rights to county Farm Bureaus.

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