State Budget – Senate maintains restored funds for Extension, OARDC

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Both chambers called for restoring $5 million in funding to Extension and nearly $2.8 million for OARDC over two years. Deeper cuts had been made in the governor’s original plan.

Restoring funding to Extension and OARDC is a priority of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF).

However, there are still drastic differences in the budget versions that will need to be hammered out by lawmakers.

Most notably, the Senate eliminated almost all of the governor’s proposed education reform provisions from its budget proposal.

OFBF had raised concerns about the impact education reforms would have on agricultural education programs in Ohio’s high schools and on  programs such as FFA.

Senators were forced to make cuts after the House budget relied on state revenue projections that proved overly optimistic.

As revenue projections continue to decline, lawmakers are now faced with closing a budget gap as large as $3.2 billion.

Ohio’s constitution requires lawmakers to submit a balanced budget to the governor by June 30.

You can follow updates on OFBF’s efforts at Click on Policy and Politics.



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