SMV (Slow Moving Vehicle) Safety Campaign in Butler County

Butler County Farm Bureau and Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones have teamed together for a safety campaign entitled “Drive With Reason, It’s Farming Season” in Butler County. The safety campaign is to raise awareness during the busy farming months of farmers moving farm equipment on the busy Butler County roadways.

Farmers depend on our roadways while they grow our food and fiber. According to the Ohio Dept. of Public Safety, over 1,870 farm-related highway accidents have occured inthe last 5 years with 304 people injured and 15 killed.

The reflective orange triangle sign on farm equipment stands for slow-moving vehicles that are operating at speeds of 25 mph or less. Proplery marked farm equipment has the right-of-way.

Motorists need to slow down, pass with caution, allow ample room, and wathch for sudden turns. Most farmers will pull over to allow traffic to pass them when they have available safe space. Mailboxes and guardrails can create hazards for farmers too! Remember… motorist are not always visible to the farm equipment operators. Motorist need to be patient, be kind, and stay behind to keep themselves and farmers safe on our roadways.

Look for our billboards at Boyle/Millville Rd., Hamilton-Richmond Rd. and State Route 73 just east of Trenton. Butler County Sheriff also recorded Public Service Announcements which are airing on many of our Butler/Hamilton County radio stations.

Out thanks to Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones for teaming up with Butler County Farm Bureau working together to keep everyone safe during the busy farming season.












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