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New ad campaign focuses on real-life stories of Ohio’s dairy industry & farmers


Did you know that cows are fed 100 pounds of feed a day? Or that dairy farmers use recycled water to wash barns and irrigate fields? Or that nearly all farms in Ohio are family operations? 

While these facts are common knowledge throughout the agriculture world, general consumers are largely unaware of these and other modern farming practices. As part of June Dairy Month, the American Dairy Association Mideast (ADA) is working to educate consumers about modern dairy farming through its new television and Web campaign that highlights the real-life stories of Ohio dairy farmers.

Though there are more than 3,300 dairy farms and 276,000 cows in Ohio, many Ohioans are uninformed about today’s modern dairy farming and do not understand its significant impact in and importance to Ohio.

Many consumers can’t appreciate the work of an Ohio dairy farmer because they haven’t had the opportunity to visit a modern dairy farm or meet a dairy farmer, said Scott Higgins, president and CEO of American Dairy Association (ADA) Mideast. This campaign brings them face to face with Ohio dairy farmers exactly as they are hard working, caring and conscientious people. They are families who care about their cows, their land, and the dairy foods they produce.

Three commercials will air on television stations throughout the state from June 15 to June 26 and for another two weeks in August.  All three commercials tell the story of Ohio’s dairy industry and the people behind the product. 

Profiles of farmers and images of their farms can be found on the new campaign Web site, www.ohiodairyfarmers.com. A video about Ohio dairy farmers will launch on the Web site on June 17.

Like all agricultural groups in Ohio, the dairy industry is challenged by consumer misconceptions and is working to educate consumers about modern dairy farming. The new campaign explains the steps Ohio dairy farmers take to ensure responsible animal care, environmental stewardship, and safe, affordable food.

Six dairy farming families from across Ohio are featured in the new campaign, which is just one part of the ADA’s ongoing efforts to promote positive images of Ohio’s dairy industry and Ohio dairy farmers. 

To read and hear the stories of some of Ohio’s dairy farmers, and to view the television commercials, visit www.ohiodairyfarmers.com

Source: The American Dairy Association Mideast



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