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Senate joins House in support of Livestock Care Standards Board

The Ohio Senate has unanimously approved a resolution that would allow voters to create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board, which would provide oversight of how farm animals are raised.

The House approved its version of the resolution yesterday by a vote of 84-13.

The final version of the resolution, once approved, will put the measure on the November ballot.

The board will comprise a broad base of experts in livestock and poultry care, including family farmers,  veterinarians, a food safety expert, a representative of a local humane society, members from statewide farm organizations, the dean of an Ohio agriculture college and members representing Ohio consumers.

Over the past several months, OFBF and other agricultural groups had engaged in extensive discussions on how to best achieve farm animal well-being while protecting the state’s farmers and consumers from restrictive, short-sighted and emotionally driven regulations. Such regulations had been pushed by activists in other states and Ohio was expected to be the next target.

“Animal care is a top priority for Ohio farmers – it’s the right thing to do and it keeps our animals safe, healthy and disease-free,” said Bob Peterson, a Fayette County farmer and an Ohio Farm Bureau state trustee. “Ohio’s livestock and poultry farmers recognize that we must do more than what is expected of us and that our consumers deserve to be reassured that their food is produced responsibly and animals are well cared for.”



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