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Farm Bureau members get Back to Basics

The Ohio Farm Bureau’s first ever Grow and Know Day was geared toward gardeners, backyard farmers, landowners and others who wanted to learn from the experts how they take care of the land and how the land can take of them.

The day’s topics included gardening, canning, pest control, soil health, cooking, raising poultry and beekeeping.

According to Janet Cassidy, Farm Bureau’s director of membership marketing, the event was part of Farm Bureau’s efforts to reach out to anyone with an interest in growing food.

“Folks want to get back to basics, it’s a hot topic right now,” she said. “We can offer them agricultural experiences from farm tours to on-farm dining experiences. We can keep them connected to local farmers in their community through the buying local directory. So there’s lots of opportunities for everybody in Farm Bureau.”

Cassidy said the economic downturn has driven people to explore simpler lifestyles by gardening more and raising and preserving their own food.

“This economy has sort of reset folks’ clocks in terms of wanting to live more simply and that is certainly something Farm Bureau is familiar with and can agree with,” she said.

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