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OFBF has entered the world of social media on behalf of Ohio’s farmers with a goal to share the news and views of the hard-working individuals who feed the world while giving the average consumer an inside look into agriculture.

OFBF has created a roadmap to help members fully understand and use this new mode of communication, so they too can bring messages to the consumer – directly from the farm.

In Ohio Farm Bureau’s Guide to Social Media, members will find easy-to-follow and detailed step-by-step tutorials on not only signing up for free Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, but also on how to go about navigating and learning how to use them.

The guide is segmented into one-page guides on specific topics, allowing members to narrow their focus onto the areas in which they really need assistance.

Experienced users of these social media tools will also benefit from information to help them enhance their social networking abilities.

Having been praised in both agriculture and social media circles as a premiere resource to help anybody get started in social media, links to the guide have been posted on numerous Web sites, and it has been shared with hundreds of thousands of Facebook and Twitter users nationwide. Organizations such as OSU Extension and Cuyahoga County have requested to reprint and use the guide to help train staff and employees, and American Farm Bureau has plans to use the guide in training material for membership, young farmers and ranchers and more.

OFBF’s Guide to Social Media also breaks down the new features found on the organization’s redesigned home page,, making them easier to understand while providing guidance to help members use them to spread the messages of Ohio agriculture.

“Ohio Farm Bureau is becoming an agricultural leader in social media, but now we look to our members to come on board and share their messages,” said OFBF Executive Vice President Jack Fisher. “OFBF can speak on behalf of its members, but there is no message that better resonates with consumers than those coming from farmers themselves.”

Members can view the guide online and print their own copy by logging onto and searching for “social media guide.” Members may also access a social media tutorial CD complete with a vocal guide and visual instructions by contacting their county office.

Detailed topics in the guide:

• What is Social Media?

• Signing up for Social Media Accounts

• Different Types of Facebook Pages

• Finding and Adding Facebook Friends

• Facebook Friend Management (and Security)

• The Facebook NewsFeed

• What’s Public and What’s Private on Facebook?

• Deciphering Tweets

• Different Types of Tweets

• Viewing and Archiving Tweets

• What and How to Tweet

• Tweeting Beyond

• Followers and Following: What you need to know

• Customizing Your Twitter Page

• Social Media Etiquette

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