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Online promotion spotlights Ohio farm families

The sweepstakes, running through Oct. 18, is the first effort by the Farmers Feed US campaign to create greater consumer trust through engagement with farmers.

Farmers Feed US was formed to foster a national effort that can be executed at the state level to create a stronger connection between today’s consumers and those who produce their food. Ohio is the first state to offer the sweepstakes.

“The promotion gives Ohio farmers a chance to share farm-specific information with friends and neighbors while encouraging them to register for the contest,” said Sandy Kuhn, director of commodity relations for Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) and executive director of the Ohio Livestock Coalition (OLC).

At, Ohioans may register up to seven times per day for free groceries. In order to register, consumers must fill out an online form while being asked a trivia question by farmers representing the beef, dairy, egg, turkey, sheep, soybean and swine industries. Farmers answer trivia questions once the form is completed.

Visitors may also take a video tour of each farm, read farmer profiles, view industry statistics and links to recipes and other information.

Managed by the Center for Food Integrity (CFI), the sweepstakes’ official objective is to “provide consumers with an opportunity to get to know Ohio’s farmers and their families, see them at work, tour their farms and learn more about the dedication to growing safe food, raising healthy livestock and protecting and conserving the land.”

“This promotion shows a great partnership between OFBF, OLC and commodity organizations,” Kuhn said. “We are all in the business of promoting safe, affordable food in Ohio, and ensuring farmers are taking care of their animals and the environment.”

OFBF members may promote the sweepstakes locally by contacting county Farm Bureau offices for promotional materials. OFBF recently featured the promotion at the Ohio State Fair, and will have a spot for Ohioans to register for free groceries at the Farm Science Review.

According to CFI, 9,116 residents registered for the promotion during its first four days. Winners will be notified on or around Oct. 25.

Promotion partners

• Ohio Farm Bureau

• Ohio Livestock Coalition

• Ohio Beef Council

• Ohio Pork Producers Council

• Ohio Lamb Marketing Program

• Ohio Soybean Council

• Ohio Poultry Association

• American Dairy Association – Mideast

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