Team named for Center for Food and Animal Issues

Buckeye Farm News

OFBF created the Center in May as a long-term effort to bring together diverse interests including farmers, consumers, zoos, hunters, researchers and pet owners to make sure all voices are heard as decisions about animals are considered. The Center will develop programs and partnerships that promote dialog among all stakeholders who benefit from animals in their lives.

As announced in the June 11 Buckeye Farm News, the Center will be led by Mike Bumgarner, OFBF vice president, who brings an extensive national background in the livestock industry. 

Leah Dorman, D.V.M., has been named the Center’s director of food programs. Dorman will develop and execute programs throughout the state that help advocate for accepted agriculture and food processing practices. Among her primary duties are assisting county Farm Bureaus in local advocacy programs, developing and enhancing relationships with other organizations, governmental agencies, cooperatives and other community groups, and conducting educational activities for Farm Bureau members as needed.

Dorman most recently served three years as the assistant state veterinarian at the Ohio Department of Agriculture, where she started as a veterinary medical officer in 2001. A native of Findlay, Dorman did her undergraduate study in animal science and earned her doctorate of veterinary medicine from Ohio State University. She lives on a farm in Croton with her husband Brad and three daughters.

David White, most recently OFBF’s senior director of policy research and development, is now the Center’s senior director of issues management and the Animals for Life Foundation. White will be engaged in identifying, researching and monitoring animal issues and oversight of the Center’s fundraising efforts.

White has served in a variety of capacities during his 20-year Farm Bureau career, including organization director, director of commodity relations and executive director of the Ohio Livestock Coalition. White is a Purdue University graduate.

Wanda Campbell, who has years of experience working with OFBF’s grassroots network of family farmers, will serve as the Center’s administrative and program assistant. Campbell first joined OFBF staff in 1995, working through 2000 and returning in 2005.

“We have assembled an outstanding group with knowledge of all aspects of animal issues,” Bumgarner said. “Their collective experience will ensure that the Center gives thoughtful consideration to questions regarding the proper role of animals.”

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