A Note from your OD, Jennifer Smith

I would like to first of all thank the Allen County board of trustees for welcoming me into the Allen County Farm Bureau family. It seems like just yesterday the kids were excited for summer to begin and now they will be starting school in a few short weeks! I am looking forward to working in the Allen County Farm Bureau food stand and the Allen County Annual Meeting as it will give me a chance to meet many of you. 

A huge piece of good news is that this fall Ohio voters will have the opportunity to vote on the Livestock Care Board. For those of you not familiar with this ballot initiative  the Livestock Care Board will provide oversight on how farm animals are raised. The Ohio Farm Bureau along with other agricultural groups had engaged in extensive discussions on how to best achieve farm animal well-being while protecting the states farmers and consumers from restrictive, short-sighted and emotionally driven regulations. Remember to always take time to spread the message of how important animal agriculture is to Ohio. If you have any questions regarding the Ohio Livestock Care Board please stop in at the food stand to see the display that will be set up, or call the local Farm Bureau office.



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