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NEWS RELEASE                  September 22, 2009


            The Allen County Farm Bureau will recognize the past year’s accomplishments, adopt policies, and vote on a proposed code change for the coming year at the organization’s annual meeting September 27th, 2009 at 5 pm.   The meeting will be held in the Rabbit Barn located on the Allen County Fair Grounds. 

            Entertainment for the evening will be provided by Dean Altstaetter.

            Troy Ernest, president of the Allen County Farm Bureau, said the annual meeting will focus on finalizing policy suggestions which will be carried to the Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting in December. Trustees for the Allen County Farm Bureau Board will also be voted on at the meeting, if you are interested in serving on the Board please contact the local farm bureau office at 1-800-260-3499 or [email protected]

            A major issue to be discussed by the local organization is the importance of Issue 2 to Ohio Agriculture.

            “Allen County Farm Bureau has been very active during the past year with membership efforts and coordinating volunteer efforts for the food stand at the Allen County Fair, the Annual Meeting is a great way for us to recognize the efforts of the volunteers to have made it all possible” said Jennifer Smith, Allen County Farm Bureau Organization Director.

            The Allen County Farm Bureau was awarded an achievement award in each of the three program areas recognized by the Ohio Farm Bureau .

            Tickets for the annual meeting are $5 and are available from the local Farm Bureau office.  Please RSVP prior to the meeting to 800-260-3499 or [email protected]



CONTACT: Jennifer Smith

PHONE: 419-615-8861

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