Council report aims to boost local, nutritious foods

Buckeye Farm News

The Ohio Food Policy Council released its progress report that sets final recommendations and goals to help improve the local food system in Ohio and advance access to healthy food.

The council was created by Gov. Ted Strickland in 2007 to analyze food production, processing and consumption in Ohio; link producers and consumers in local food systems; and ensure that citizens in need have greater access to fresh and nutritious food. OFBF is a member of the council.

Council recommendations include:

Implement a mobile poultry processing unit in the state.

Incorporate the Farm Bill Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program in Ohio elementary schools

Create a directory of existing low or no interest loans, grants and tax incentive programs available for agricultural businesses focused on local food systems

Increase support of agricultural economic development in the state

Direct resources toward improving the Ohio MarketMaker program, which links farmers to food businesses, to encourage more producer participation that will facilitate local food business development.

“This council is doing its part to help support local producers and communities, create jobs, and provide nutritious food to Ohioans,” Strickland said.

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